Information on Mooring and Railway Rates

For additional information email: / (507) 228-5794


Moorings are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no reservations accepted. Most moorings are occupied by members. Some moorings are set aside for visitors. These mooring are often occupied quickly during the cruising season (November to April). Since occupation of these moorings changes rapidly, you must check to see of a mooring is available on arrival. Call the club dock or office on channel VHF channel 6, or by telephone (507) 228-5794

Moorings are charged by the overall length of the vessel at $.70 per foot per day. There are no long term rates.

Fuel Dock

Diesel fuel only (no gasoline) is sold at the fuel dock. The availability of fuel and price per gallon varies so you must ask at the time of arrival. No cash is accepted for fuel (credit card only). The fuel dock also has safe, potable water available when taking on fuel. Ice, beer, sodas and bottled water is also available.


Dinghies may not be used between boats and the club dock. The BYC provides several launches. These launches operate 24 hours a day. This is a free service. Call on Channel 6, VHF to request a launch.

Shower and Laundry

Shower and laundry service is available to BYC guests on a visitors mooring. The laundry machines require 25 cent coins to operate. We require a $50 deposit for a set of keys for the laundry and showers. This deposit is refundable when you leave.

The laundry machines are not industrial type machines so please do not attempt to wash and dry blankets or large, heavy items.


The railway has two rails for hauling boats. The smaller rail can handle boats to 40 feet with a 15 foot beam. The large railway can take boats up to 68 feet with a beam of 19 feet. However, these dimensions may not apply depending on the gross weight of the vessel. To use the railway service a reservation must be made in the office on the pier. Total payment for the use of the railway must be paid at the time of the reservation. The charge is by the day. One day is charged to come out and entering the water. When you schedule your haul-out, consider the number of days you require. You must enter the water on the day scheduled because other boats are waiting to use the same railway. Haul out and entering time is scheduled based on high tide. Spotters are necessary on the cradle to take your lines. Normally the small cradle require four spotters and the large cradle requires six spotters. You can provide your own or use ones provided by the person in charge of the haul out. It will be necessary to pay a small amount to use these men at the time of leaving the water and entering. If you need help with the boat work there are workmen normally available to assist if needed. This should be scheduled in advance.

Please carefully read the contract before signing and paying for the haul out.

Small Railway $125 per day
Large Railway $150 per day

We look forward to your visit and we are here to assist you in anyway we can.

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